Saturday, July 30, 2011

Every Hoosier Should Know

I moved to the state of Indiana almost 20 years ago, and in honor of this fact, I've decided to make a list of things that I've learned living here!

Top Ten Things Every Hoosier Should Know:
10. You don't wash anything! It's waRshed
9. John Deere is not a tractor, but a fashion line
8. If the grass is longer than 6", it's for chewing
7. It's only ever pronounced "Indy"
6. The scent of fertilizer is "fresh, country air." (This is an inside joke.)
5. You have to choose, IU or Purdue (I'm still Ohio State ALL THE WAY!)
4. By living here, you have agreed to the terms that you must hate the Patriots.
3. Knee high by the Fourth of July
2. Two men you may never insult: Bobby Knight & Larry Bird!
And the Number 1 Thing that Every Hoosier Should Know
1. It's never JUST basketball


  1. Love it! It's funny, because it's so true! Number 4 is my favorite:)

  2. LOL So true :)

    Another favorite of mine for us Hoosiers is a joke off a favorite slogan: "There's more than corn in Indiana!" Uh.... You wanna bet?

  3. Glad you both enjoyed it! I think #4 needs to be more strictly enforced, Rachel!
    Katrina, you forgot there's Indiana Beach ;)