Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy B-day U.S.A.!

Yesterday, we sang "The Star Spangled Banner" at church. That song still gives me chills! I love being a part of this Nation!
Almost 10 years ago our nation faced one of it's greatest tragedies. I remember that day as one of the scariest of my life I imagine one day my girls will ask me, "Mom, where were you on Spetember 11th?" Just I asked my mother where she was when Pres. Kennedy was killed.<br>
While watching those towers fall was the worst atrocity I have experienced in my lifetime, the aftermath was that of legend.

Our country was united in a way that had never existed in my lifetime! People wore flags on their lapel and were loyal beyond measure.
Unfortunately, that has changed. In less than ten years the country has now become more divided & volatile politically than I have ever seen! We've been attacked in our pocket books and that has had a more dramatic effect than any terrorist. How sad to see this change.
Whatever your political beliefs, be it conservative or liberal, whatever your religion, whatever your race, take this day to be glad that in spite of all those differences, we are all one thing, American!
Let us be thankful we are part of a land that grants us the freedom to have differences and express them openly!
And, above all else: God Bless America!

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