Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One More ER Trip

Ok, so here's another update in the Saga of Tabitha and her Finger. Tabby fell today down two or three stairs. She must have tried to catch herself with her right hand. It hurt very badly, and when I picked her up it was bleeding again, trickling down below her bandaid.
So...we made one more trip to the ER. She wouldn't even let me take the bandaid off of her finger, she made me wait and let the doctors do it, because, "the doctors make me feel better."
The doctor said that her sutures look fine and that the bleeding was coming from under the nail bed where there are no stitches. This has slowed the healing process a little.
She's seemed to be doing much better this evening. Even though she re-injured her finger today. She seems like it's least tender this evening that it's been since her original injury on Saturday!

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