Friday, July 8, 2011

Alternative Diaper Ointment

My kiddos have inherited extremely sensitive skin. My 2 year old would get terrible diaper rashes, but the common, drug store zinc oxide creams always cleared it up nicely. Right before she potty trained she would get yeast rashes, and those, let me tell you, are terrible. She had to use lotromin to clear that up.
Once she potty trained I thought that my diaper rash blues were over, but my baby had other plans. We try to be frequent changers, and proactive against those nasty rashes. But, every once in a while she has an especially nasty diaper and it doesn't matter how long she's in the diaper. Tonight, she had a doozy of a diaper and a very rough rash on her little hiney.
Whenever I use traditional cream on her little bum she gets welts the cream is just too harsh for her. I've tried different alternatives that others have recommended, but the only thing that works for her is olive oil. It helps much better than anything I've tried. I think it feels nicer too, because she giggles when I apply it.

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