Wednesday, July 13, 2011

30 Days of Esther: Day 5

Enter Esther: I love Esther as a character study! Almost every trait I see in her I desire to emulate. Let's see why she was so special:
Vashti vs. Esther
While both women shared the trait of physical beauty, they're hearts were vastly different. While Vashti was disobedient, Esther was willing to submit herself to the wishes and wisdom of others. Vashti was proud, so proud that she was willing to risk her crown and life to defy the king. Esther was humble, so humble that she was willing to risk her crown and life to confront the king and save her people.
Not only was Esther these things, she was these things under distress. I can't imagine how I would have felt if I were taken from my home along with scores of other women, held in the palace and spent a year preparing to spend just one evening with the king. Knowing that after that evening my future would probably have been to be a king's concubine for the rest of my life, to be permanently denied a husband and the close and loving relationship that would go along with that! But, in the midst of these challenging circumstances Esther showed strong character, wisdom and a firm respect for her God-ordained authorities, unlike Vashti.
Why was Esther such a good example for others? Because she was set a good example by her guardian, her cousin, Mordecai, who had raised her after the death of her parents.
Those of us who were given good examples in our homes can be so thankful for this! But, if you were not so blessed you needn't feel that you haven't the resources to be an Esther, because you have the example of Esther and many, many others. God's Word is there to guide us on our journey to be more like Him. We can find the perfect example in His son Jesus Christ!

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