Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Seeker

I went upon a journey, very far I strayed.
And yet in all my travels my fears were ne'er allayed.

I searched in places of pleasure, where laughter did abound,
But amidst all the laughter, only misery I found.

I sought through fields of labor, both wide and green,
But the fruits of all my drudgery only emptiness did bring.

I searched at a hill where a rugged cross did stand.
While there I stood, outreached a broken, bleeding hand.

And took upon Itself my burden, my misery and despair.
I went to the cross, and found forgiveness there.


  1. Did you write this Bekah?


  2. Yes, that's why it's short & the rhythm is not right, lol. Poetry is most definitely not my forte :D