Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Queen of Baby Gadgets!

My Mom calls me the Queen of Baby Gadgets because I love to collect them. It can be an expensive hobby, but I like to shop consignment, (seriously, everything I wear is 2nd hand) and most of my favorites are inexpensive to begin with! I'm going to share a few of the things I absolutely can't live without!
Starting with the Mommy Hook:
This has been great for me, because when I'm carrying two girls, a purse, and a diaper bag, I feel like a need to be an octopus, not a mom. I hook this thing onto anything that I can think of. I hook it on to the shopping cart, I hook it onto the stroller, I've even hooked it onto my belt loop and my baby carrier! I've used it in very inventive ways, let me tell you!  Don't believe the product description that claims it's merely a "stroller" hook. You can use this on loads of apparatuses!

Better yet, it holds loads of weight! I run out of space on this giant hook before it begins to weight down!
I know there are lots of stroller bag holders out there, and here are a few reasons why I like the Mommy Hook: 
The hook closes completely so my bags don't slip off of it. I'm a super klutz so this is very helpful, if I can drop something, I will
It's universal. A lot of stroller bag holders only fit on the round hand bar on strollers. When I carry this, I don't even use it on that part of my stroller. Also, some hand bars are shaped differently or have different sizes. I can use this on anything at all, especially carts. This was awesome when I had Tabby in the seat and Ruthie in the basket trying to fit groceries around her. I would simply put my purse and/or diaper bag on my Mommy Hook!
I love my Mommy Hook! 
There are a few drawbacks:
It's large. This isn't a problem for me because I carry a large diaper bag or purse and always do. I just prefer it that way.
It's unattractive. Lots of other stroller hooks are cuter and more inconspicuous than this. So, if you're looking for something aesthetically pleasing, this isn't it! 

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