Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An Awesome Lunch Sack

We happen to live about 45 mins. north of the World's Largest Children's Museum. I love this Museum, and you can expect a post about it very soon! For Mother's Day & Father's Day Mike & I give each other the gift of an annual membership to it. This means that our family can go as much as we like & bring to visitors with us for FREE! We go a lot, which is why I bought my next baby gadget that I'd like to tell you about! The PACit Lunch Cooler. I purchased this from One Step Ahead (one of my favorite catalog/online stores!)

Eating in the cafeteria at the Museum can get very pricey so I like to pack a lunch for my family. Now, I know you're wondering, what makes this bag better than any other lunch bag? It has the cooling gel in the liner of the bag! It folds really compact and it's stored in the freezer. I just pull it out and fill it up with our lunch foods, they stay super cold, because they're entirely surrounded by the ice pack. AND, the best part is that I'm not wasting space with cold packs. I can pack more food, and that means less for me to carry! When you're bringing a baby, a toddler, a diaper bag, a purse, a stroller, coats (in winter of course), and your lunch, every little bit counts!!!

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