Monday, July 18, 2011

YAY! Good News for Tabby!!

We were able to get in to see the hand surgeon this morning, and we heard only good things.
First, he said the ER did a great job, and that he wouldn't have done anything differently himself.
Secondly, he thought her finger was healing well, and that it looked good.
Also, He said there was no need for a splint, just two bandaids overlapped so that the pads are over the tip of her finger. That's too keep the stitches clean, and to give padding in case of bumps.
Lastly, he'll see her again in three weeks to check on healing.
He seemed to think it should heal completely! AND, I can wash it normally, soon she can bathe normally again, and go back to being a kid.
I'm not going to lie, Saturday was absolutely the scariest day of my entire life. (Including the day my parents told me my Dad's kidneys were failing, and the day caused a bad car accident.) But, God is so good! He's used this experience to grow me, and to strengthen my relationship with Tabby.
What's more, He's shown me that He chose to send me one spectacular person to raise! I take it as a compliment from the Lord that I get to be Tabby's mom, because, she's pretty amazing! I can't believe He entrusted me with her care!

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