Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Scary Animals that Ruined My Sleep!

My older daughter who will be three in September woke up last night between 3 & 3:30 convinced that there were animals in her room. She insisted she was afraid of them, even though she seemed more excited than scared. I calmed her, kissed her, and put her back to bed.
Not long thereafter, I heard, "Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY, MOMMY" I went into her room, and she insisted she needed to potty. While on the potty she continued to say that there were animals in her room. I assured her it was a dream, but I was told it was not! I said, "When we sleep we have dreams that are almost like movies in our mind. But, they're not real, they're just make-believe." She went back to bed, and fell asleep or at least was quiet for a little while, and then, she called again. I came in and she told me there were monkeys and she needed to sleep in Mommy's bed. I stood firm and brought a pillow to camp out on her floor. She finally fell asleep at around five! I was so happy, her breathing was deep. I was sure she was out, so I silently crept from the room and went back to bed. Ah, my bed!
Ten minutes passed, "MOMMY!"
She had broken me down. I finally got three hours of glorious sleep with her right next to me...so much for standing firm! But, at least I'm only moderately a zombie today, right? This morning she hopped out of my bed, ran into her room, ran quickly back into mine & said, "Mommy! The deer is gone!"


  1. Beth has nightmares & night terrors. most of the time, hers are because of noises even with fan as white noise. this last week she's finally gone back to sleeping all night with waking only once per night & going back to sleep only a couple of nights. much better than waking every 2 hours like she had been the last few months

  2. She normally does much better when she wakes in the night, but she couldn't fall back asleep until she was in bed with us!

  3. How funny! By the way, I love your new header.

  4. :) Thanks, Rachel! I worked on it for a while today!

  5. By the way, it took a while to get Tabby to hold still with her hands in prayer position long enough for a picture! :)