Wednesday, July 27, 2011


People follow in your footsteps
And the imprints that you make.
Be careful where your foot falls,
and the decisions that you make.

For when the path is narrow,
Or the climb is very steep.
They check the path you've trodden.
And your way they tend to keep.

I have followed just like many,
Down paths other's laid ahead.
They've led me to a Savior,
Through the scriptures they had read.

Their steps have fallen faithful,
For their eyes were on the Lord.
When they reach the realms of glory,
He shall give them their reward.

This poem is dedicated in honor of:
Pastor Merton Bobo
Pastor Bob Brenneman
And in Memory of:
Pastor Cal Eastwood
and, Pastor Rod Silver
Who have already been told, "Well done."

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