Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How I Know through Faith

I sometimes use the site StumbleUpon to find other "like-minded" bloggers. Somehow, it just sent me to the blog of a socialist agnostic...not very accurate StumbleUpon!
I won't insult your intelligence by recounting the backwards logic of this blogger who was trashing Christianity without even the smallest of understanding of it. I will, however, touch on one point that he mentioned. He stated that if someone has faith, then that one does not "know" if there is a God, Jesus, or an afterlife.
God is a God of logic, and someone who does not know Him, has not the capability to be logical. That said, this unnamed blogger believed himself to be presenting a radical, new argument based on the most blatant common sense, and that those who choose to follow Christ had never heard such truth. He was, of course, completely in error.

People have told me all the time, I can't know that there is a God. Yet, despite their telling me this, I just go right ahead and know it all the same. You see "Faith" isn't a word that just means belief. It's a confident, unshakable, knowledge, a power. Faith is my proof, it is how I know there is a deity that truly exists in this world. Not my faith alone, but the faith of those that have gone on before me: Joseph, David, Peter, Paul, Martin Luther, George Mueller, Jim Elliott, and too many more to name. These have proven the existence of a God through their faith, through their lives. Mere men were incapable of the amazing deeds these men accomplished, but through their faith in the Lord they were able to move mountains. You see faith isn't just something that sits there. It's a real and active element in the lives of those who have met the Savior...is it in yours?

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