Thursday, July 21, 2011


I love pets. When we were young we had every type of animal imaginable. But, when Mike and I started out we lived in an apartment that had a huge pet deposit. Shortly after we moved to a small house I begged Mike for a pet. Finally, he conceded and we went to the local animal shelter. We were in search of a little kitten.
They had a lot to choose from that day, and I ended near a kennel with about eight inside. I love calico kitties and saw the sweetest little one. I picked her up and she was the cutest little cuddly thing. I should have run out of there with that little one and made for home, but I didn't. This was my error.
I decided to hold all the kitties in the cage, and finally I came to a little orange and white boy kitty. He had the neatest eyes too. When I held him he began to bat at one of my curls in the cutest way, and my heart was stolen.

What I didn't realize is that this playful, energetic kitten was sick! He had a severe respiratory infection.  A little antibiotics cleared that right up, but then, he was up and about and I found out what I'd gotten myself into! I was now the proud owner of the most crazy cat on the planet. His energy level: sky high!
Really as a kitten he was a lot of fun. But, as he got older her began to grow violent, and he didn't like being alone! When I would go to my bedroom for the night, he would jump onto my arm holding on with his claws and teeth. You can ask anyone at the time, my arms were torn to shreds!

Finally we had a pleasant change of events! First, I  quit working in preparation of our first daughter's arrival. This helped to mellow him a lot, because he hated being alone so much! Then, we acquired Joe. Joe was  a little lost kitten who really just fell in our laps! He was a little bit clueless, and didn't know how to do much that most cats do instinctively. Rascal took him under his wing, or under his paw, actually. And, with the arrival of this new member of our family Rascal's violence dissipated! Which was very pleasant considering that our daughter would be born in two short months. Now, with his new nature and having been declawed my arms are not so scarred as before, and I'm really glad I stuck it out, because, contrary to popular belief, he's a pretty good cat! 

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