Friday, July 1, 2011

Why I Submit: Marriage

In today's liberated society the word "submit" might as well have four letters, but if I want to serve God, then I have to learn to do it. Before you get huffy and tell me you shouldn't have to submit to anyone consider this, you submit to multiple people all day long. You submit to the government, your boss, the rules of the different businesses you enter, ("No shoes, No shirt, No service" sound familiar?) homeowner's associations, and even websites, like facebook (terms of service.) If you willingly submit to these "people" with whom you have very little to do, why can't you submit to a husband you should love more than any other human being?
A marriage is a partnership with two equal but different roles. We can't both do the same jobs or 50% of the work will go undone. My husband pays the bills, because an accountant I am not! I do a terrible job with the checks and balances and am thankful that he's better at it than I am! I do the cooking, because Paula Dean he is not. I had to teach him how to make spaghetti-o's. (I'm not exaggerating!)
What I love about the Bible is that it's ancient in age, but timelessly relevant. It is literally a guide to what God's plan for every situation in our life, and I've yet to come to a circumstance in which the Bible could not point me to where I needed to be. That said, the Bible is the perfect guide for marriage. If you've had bad examples in your parents of a relationship, or you didn't go to premarital counseling, that is no excuse. If you can read your Bible you can know how to have a proper marriage.
Marriage is the only thing that survived the paradise that was Eden. The institution itself has never fallen, just those who enter into it. God created it, and knows how it should be done. He created Adam and then created Eve to be his help meet. If you don't think this is true how many times have you had to find something in the refrigerator for your husband?
The roles of marriage are easily and clearly defined in God's Word. Makes it simple. The husband pictures Christ and is the head. Not the boss or the tyrant, but a loving leader, shepherd. He is to love his wife as Christ loved His church. Which means he should be willing to die for His wife.
The wife is to submit her will to her husbands. Plain and simple.
This doesn't mean we can't share our opinion or that we can use "My husband told me so" as an excuse for sin. But, if you'll notice this is probably the most self sacrificing thing we can do. Sure, a woman would die for someone, because we know that person would feel guilty forever and then we'd have the upper hand. Whether we lived to enjoy it or not. But, we can't give over our own will to others. It's crucial that Christians say, "Not my will but thine" to our Lord and personally, I'm thankful he gives me my husband to practice that difficult task. I need lots of it!
I say all of that, so I can say all of this:
Now, I'm not an expert on matrimony, I've only been married for six years, though they've been good, it's not enough to write a book. Just a blog. However, I am an expert on my marriage, so without further ado:
Why I Joyfully Submit to My Husband (Husbands take note)
My husband works long hours.
My husband works around the house when he gets home.
My husband runs errands for me.
My husband watches our girls a lot!
My husband lets me sleep in on his days off, if I choose.
My husband takes the trash out before I ask him to do it.
My husband fills my gas take before I notice it's fallen below a 1/2 a tank.
My husband holds me whenever he can.
My husband and I have a standing date everyday during naptime.
My husband praises everything I cook, even when it's burnt!
My husband encourages me to write, even though I don't think I'll be good enough.
My husband hates it when I stay up late.
My husband wakes up early when he works to spend time with me.
This is a small sample of the ways in which my husband makes a conscious effort, everyday, to show me how much he loves me. Not all husbands have the same list that my husband does, but he knows that these are ways he can show me how much he loves and appreciates me. When I see evidence of his love for me all day long, I find it easy to submit my will to his. Well, easier, perhaps!