Friday, July 8, 2011

Marriage the Adventure

I used to dislike shows that concentrated on the relationships of married couples. To me the interesting part of the story was before that: the adventure of falling in love.
Little girls who grow up in the rural Midwest often crave adventure and to me, a romantic at heart, the greatest would be to fall in love! The only problem with this was that one day I grew up and fell in love. I realized that, while it was fun to fall in love, that it really wasn't like the books I read, and it was faster than I thought it would be. (I guess that's why the term "fall" is used.) It just wasn't much of an adventure!
Once I did meet my husband, I no longer thought marriage was as boring as I previously suspected. It was suddenly something that I thought would be wonderful. To not have to say good bye, but to get to spend every free moment together was very desirable.
After we did get married, I realized that marriage was the great adventure for which I'd been looking.

Marriage is both fun and challenging! Every day we grow and change together and put forth the effort and work to love each other unconditionally. After six years, I'm still not bored.
Marriage is just as hard as everyone warned me when I entered into it. But, very few tell those who are engaged that it can be all they are dreaming. That you can spend happy days together with that one person you love so much and that your love can grow each day. But, just as anything that grows, love needs cultivation and food. You must work hard to dispose of the weeds that cause your love to weaken and shrivel. Weeds like selfishness, short tempers, right fighting, etc. Then you must feed it with foods like self-sacrificing, compromise, empathy and a firm knowledge that a marriage has three parties: husband, wife, and the Lord. With every day presenting a new challenge in our whether it be financial, relationally, health, familial or otherwise, finding our way to ride out the storms of life together makes us stronger, and presents us with an every changing unpredictable adventure!

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