Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Proposal

My husband and I have built a happy and loving relationship based on the fact that we're both very strange people! Often I will tell my husband that he is weird and he'll reply that his weirdness is the reason that I love him. Which is true. It's one of the first things that attracted me to him. Normal people are predictable and who wants to spend everyday with someone who is predictable?
I knew I was going to marry him about one week into our relationship, and we admitted to each other that we fully intended to get married about two or three months into our relationship. When it came time for him to propose I knew a lot of his planning. He can't keep secrets from me at all, this has also put a damper on Christmas each year!

May 28, 2004 came along, and I knew my husband had picked out and picked up a ring and was intending to propose to me. He decided he wanted to surprise me somehow. So, he picked me up from work, which he often did, especially on Fri. nights. It wasn't odd for him to have a lot of stuff in the vehicle he was driving, so I wasn't surprised when I got to the truck he had taken and the seat was covered with his clothes. I was, however, surprised that he just stood there watching me as I cleaned the seat. Finally, I reached the bottom of the pile. Underneath his shirts and pants there was a ring surrounded by three roses. He got down on one knee, and I'm sure that he said wonderful things about loving me forever and wanting to spend everyday of his life with me, but as soon as he had the question out of his mouth I completely forgot everything he said.
Now, remember I was leaving work as were many of my coworkers a lot of whom had figured out what was happening and waited to get into their cars. So, my response was, "Yes, now let's go show, Peggy!" Don't worry, I did give him a hug before running off to show my boss the gorgeous ring he'd given me!

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