Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Lion

The warm of the day had finally begun to fade and the sun to set. The lion stretched his long, amber body and began to move lazily about. The time for rest was now over, it was the opportune moment, everything was in place and his stomach was growling. After listening for what seemed an eternity the lion heard the faint sound of hooves on the Savannah. Moving slowly, and keeping in the tall grass that should surely disguise him, he made his way toward the sound of dinner. It was imperative they not see him, that he should be inconspicuous.

Finally, after the long walk toward the herd they were within sight. He crouched himself low in the grass, confident of his invisibility. He moved his eyes for the easiest to defeat. Most of the foals were near the large, powerful stallion, but the lion was not deterred, he was sure there was one among this group that was weak and unsuspecting enough to be easily conquered.
He turned his gaze toward the mares, they were all capable and strong. All except for one, that is. She moved much slower than the others, she seemed to feel pain each time she stepped on her right front hoof. That's the one, the one he could defeat, this expedition would not be in vain. Already feeling triumphant the lion inched forward and pounced.
Immediately the stallion led the group in a fast paced chase. The zebras gait was that of a fast gallop and as they zigged and zagged through the last of the evening light the lion began to feel discouraged, but finally, he started to overtake them. Some of the foals could not continue at the speed the lion began to feel that he should not be hungering much longer!
But, seeing the foals distress the mares sprung into action, they formed a circle encasing their young, it was impenetrable. The stallion turned back and began to make his stance. Now, the lion felt his efforts to be pointless, until he saw that there was one small hole in the mares' almost complete circle, one was not at her post watching vigilantly as was her duty. He turned to see the slow injured mare, she was still coming toward her group, but the stallion could not defend her before the lion could reach her, and she was far too weak to protect herself.
The lion's confidence returned, he would enjoy a hearty meal tonight.

"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:" - I Peter 5:8

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