Friday, February 10, 2012

Where His Will Leads...

I can't imagine that it's ever God's will for a sin to be committed. So, in a round-about sort of way, I feel that I could say that it's never His will for someone to be the victim of someone else. However, I know that He can send us down a path that will lead us to a person who has made the decision to follow evil instead of good. I don't believe that God wants us to be victimized or to suffer, but He chooses to allow us to endure the situations in which we are wronged by the sins of another, sins He doesn't will them to commit.
God does not fully keep us from pain and suffering because he is not a tyrant. He allows others around us freedom to choose, and with that freedom some choose to cause pain to others. (And, we do too.)
So, do you think that God's will can lead you into the alley where you'll meet the mugger? Or into the relationship that will end in unfaithfulness? Do you think that God's will can lead you into the path of another's sin?
I think of the apostles. Certainly they were serving the Lord and following His will. Yet, they were persecuted by those who chose to reject the Lord and almost all of them were martyred for it!
One of my favorite verses is:

"And they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name." Acts 5:41

Suffering is sort of like a medal of honor for a Christian. I can say this, because I've never had to suffer much!
God's will can lead us to areas that I'm sure He'd rather we never have to be, but it can take us no where that is outside of His reach!
My little girl is learning the concept of omnipresence. We've talked about it quite a bit lately, in fact. And, I've seen what a comfort it is to her. When she had a nightmare (she dreamed I turned into a lion) I reminded her that God was there with her, because He is everywhere. While taking a walk she kept pointing out to me all the places God is. What an awesome thing to to know! God is HERE! He's sitting with me as I type this long-winded and somewhat rambling post, and He's with me when I am sitting in the darkest moment of my life!
He's with you in the alley when you meet the mugger, and He's right beside you when you learn of a loved one's betrayal.
No matter what path I take I can not step away from His presence. No matter where His will is, He is with me! He never asks me to take the step in the dark alone or unprepared! He has given me His Word to prepare my heart, and I know through it that I can be sure that where I am, there is HE.

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