Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why My Husband and I are Made for Each Other!

When I was a little girl, I remember thinking that I could never get married, because if a man actually spent that much time with me he would discover how weird I actually am! And, of course, he would run for the hills! Of course, I didn't realize that if the Lord willed me to spend my life in matrimony that wouldn't be the case. And, in His infinite wisdom, the Lord sent to me a man that was much weirder than I am! Just to prove it, some evidence that we're a perfect match!
- We can talk for hours about white water rafting and chickens.
- He thinks it's funny when I correct his pronunciation of "documentary."
- I don't mind that he mispronounces "documentary."
- We both have a common, unnatural love for words like "vexed" and "superfluos."
- He accepts that I'm an Anglo-file and doesn't try to change that, in fact, he encourages it!
- When He's bored he does things like stands on his head!
- In our "We Recommend for You" category on Netflix there's always a some sort of Sci Fi.
Just some fun facts... :D

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