Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My New Cleaning Routine

If you know me, you know I'm a messy, cluttered pack rat! I could take you into my garage right now to the microscope my parents bought me when I was in Elementary school! And, I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "Like attracts like." That's right, there's two of us living in this household and we're raising to little messy minions as we go along our way!
I've struggled with this since I grew old enough to clean up after myself, yep since I was about eighteen months old!
I've tried different cleaning and organizing plans and methods to make my efforts more efficient, but until recently, I've come to no results.
My sister's house is always impeccable. Side-note: I blame her for my filthiness! She really should not have cleaned up after me all those years growing up...she's so selfish! Her methods involve deep cleaning one room each week. This is a great method, however, if your messy like me that room is disgusting again long before one week has rolled around!
I've realized that the only method that can work for me is to clean every room, every day! That's right I clean every room everyday!
Not every element of every room needs attention every time I enter it, but if I'm in the habit of cleaning each room every works. I can honestly say that I've been keeping my house cleaner than I ever have!
I'll tell you what I do, and maybe, just maybe this method will work for a kindred soul out there in cyberspace!
It's closely based on the system I blogged about here! 

I think the most important concepts I've taken away is attacking clutter head on! Clutter is much like my 15 year old nephew if left alone too long will definitely take over the world!
Another is by maintaining the house everyday I keep it from needing the timely extensive cleaning!
I'm really excited about finding a method that works for me! It is even worked during Holidays!

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