Friday, December 30, 2011

Quick Cleaning

I've been following this cleaning plan outlined in a Yahoo Shine article every day or every other day at least. I've noticed the need to do full on scrubbing/cleaning disappearing! I'd like to be one of those super clean/organize one room each day, but I'm not, that system just doesn't work for me. But, I can do a quick clean almost everyday. Especially, when it's a smart efficient system.
A month ago if I was half as busy as I have been these last few weeks my house would have looked like a tornado hit. (Which is really not good when you have relatives streaming in and out for the Holdiays.) But, I've managed to keep my home almost always clean by following this article. I had already started to develop a similar system before I read this, but it's helped a lot!
If you're not a single room each day type of person maybe this article can help you too!

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