Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Humility of Christ!

I've always been taken aback by the humility of my Lord. The Omnipotent God of the universe who hung the stars and fashioned the seas would care enough for me that he would lower himself by coming here! To this flawed and filthy world!
However, since becoming a mother I've been even more impressed by the sacrifice my Lord has made! Have you ever noticed how completely helpless newborns are? They have no freedom, no power, no privacy!
When my daughters were born they literally relied on me for everything, if they were uncomfortable, they couldn't get up and stretch their legs, they had to wait for <i>me</i> to move them. If their dinner didn't agree with them, they spewed it out and sat covered with their own stomach contents until <i>I</i> cleaned it! When they removed waste from their body they would have to sit in it until <i>I</i> removed it for them!
Now, for a moment, imagine yourself as a grown until being made to submit to such a lifestyle! It's a degrading, upsetting thought isn't it?
We typically don't mind that others had to care for us when we were newborns because we can't remember it, and we didn't know what we were missing at the time. But, can you imagine that the Almighty willingly submitted himself to such a life?  To me just that he would be willing to subject himself to the first two months of a human life cycle is unimaginable! He was so humble and <b>loved</b> us so much! Praise the Lord for the Christmas season when we can reflect on His amazing love and incomparable mercy!!!!

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