Monday, December 26, 2011

Jolly Days at the Children's Museum

If you've been to Indy, I hope you took a day to visit the World's Largest Children's Museum, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis! Like the zoo we have a membership here! Totally worth EVERY penny!!! We give each other this membership as a Mothers/Fathers Day gift.
Every year at The Children's Museum they have such a fun Holiday exhibit called, Jolly Days. (My friend, Rachel, has a great post about Jolly Days here.)
This is SO much fun!! An "ice" castle, a super fun kitchen area with a giant stove, reindeer to groom, ice fishing, and sock skating, and a special baby area. I haven't mentioned everything that they do or how awesomely amazingly fun it is!

The best thing at The Children's Museum during the Holidays is the Yule Slide! They turn a stair case that usually leads to the second story into a slide! It's so much fun!!! My oldest has asked about that slide all year long!
We had the most fun getting to visit the museum with our new pastor and his awesome family! (They just happen to have a sweet little girl just five days older than my big girl!) It was so much fun!!! We're hoping to go back again before they pack up the Yule Slide until next year!
This is a pic of my husband being a transformer, the only one that turned out from our trip! And my 3-year-old took it!

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