Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cleaning a DVD

Why do I never think to take before & after pics!!!!???
Maybe because I don't think about posting a blog until after I've completed my amazing feat!
This morning I decided to let my girls watch Frosty the Snowman. We haven't gotten to it this year, and I make a point of watching as many Rankin/Bass Christmas specials as possible. We put the dvd in the tray, and waited for it to load...and waited...and waited...but, instead of the delightful sounds of Jimmy Durante, we were greeted by the dreaded words, "INSERT DISC" on our screen. NOOOOOOO!!! Don't you hate it when you put in a beloved dvd and the player can't read it? It always makes me sad. I tried turning on and off the player and taking the disc out and in again. Finally, I turned the disc over and discovered the problem. It looked as if it had been candy coated.
Sticky hands are just a part of a three-year-old world, and, I suppose, there will be victims of said stickiness. One of those victims was my Frosty movie. This is unacceptable!
I searched a few quick dvd cleaning articles and only found the toothpaste method (which is for scratches) and using purified water and a microfiber cloth. I had the microfiber cloth, but no purified water.
I grabbed my glasses cleaning cloths (my microfiber cloth) and thought, "Glasses cleaning cloth, perhaps, glasses cleaner?" So, I did it! I washed the dvd with glasses cleaner! It worked perfectly...
In fact, I just heard, "I hate red thermometers."
I love corny, classic, children's, Christmas movies! Don't you? Which was/is your favorite?

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