Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Christmas in His Presence

Your present is still untouched,
On your plate there is no food.
The Season that you cherished
Is cheering every mood.
And though, I wrap and carol,
And am truly filled with cheer.
All parts of me are wishing,
That you were still so near.

I used to be too busy to pause,
And indulge you with a hug.
Now, all those embraces,
Don't seem to have been enough.
And though I feel a little sad,
and just a tiny bit alone.
I know that you are celebrating,
with the Master on His throne.

What an envy I am feeling,
Whenever I imagine.
The joy of having Christmas,
with Savior in Heaven.
Though I miss our celebration,
at this time of year,
The grief is always softened,
because I know you're there.
I can not wait to carol with you,
One not-far Christmas Day.
When I come to join you,
At His feet to stay.

How joyful it must be,
Face to face to sing to Him.
Who came to give Goodwill,
To earth and peace to men.
I can not wait to join you,
For a family Holiday.
My Grandparents,
Cal & Leota in WWII
Once again with you to worship,
Some glorious Christmas Day!

Dedicated to the Memory of Leota Mary "Ellis" Eastwood. Who went to be with her Savior the day after Christmas, the holiday she loved, in the year 2002.

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