Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sissy, it's called a STINGray!

My fourteen year old nephew is perhaps the coolest person I know. Today, he came to spend the day with us. Mostly, he plays video games with his uncle, but all four of us enjoy having him come!
In honor of the fun I have when I'm hanging out with him, I decided to blog about him. Here are some of the great things my nephew has done over the years...
When my nephew was a toddler he went through a flushing stage. He flushed cassette tapes, he flushed toys, he tried to flush a 2 liter bottle of Mt. Dew.
He went through phases, like every child. He especially went through phases of TV show obsessions. When he was two or three, he walked through the mall for hours repeating, "I'm tired, I'm hungry and I have to go to the bathroom." I would personally like to thank Big Idea Productions, the makers of Veggie Tales, because of that line in a Larry Boy video everyone in the city of Lafayette, IN thinks that I forced a preschooler to walk through the mall
Holding his baby cousin

exhausted, hungry & holding it the whole time.
Just like cheese, he gets better as time passes. When one of my sisters was babysitting him, she asked him to get dressed. He went upstairs, came down completely naked and said, "I decided you get to pick out my clothes today!"
He had a little friend that liked to be neater than he. During Sunday School when he was in 1st grade my sisters were teaching him and began to randomly ask the boys silly questions about dirt. "If you could play in the water or the mud?" sort of questions. Each time the friend did not choose the dirtier option, neither did my nephew, but it was obvious he was itching to say differently. Finally, they asked, "If you could jump in a big pile of leaves, or big pile of soft dirt which would you do?" He stood up on the table to exclaim, "The dirt I would jump in the dirt! I love dirt!"
Finally, my all time favorite nephew story. He was at an aquarium with his family on vacation and was given the opportunity to pet a stingray, but declined. Later, we were asking him and his sister about it. She said, "I can't believe you didn't pet the stingray since you want to be a marine biologist!" To which he replied, "Sissy, it's called a STINGray!
I have a great family!


  1. I love all the stories about your family! I remember your sister telling me the story about the questions about dirt! Such a hilarious story!

  2. ROFLOL ah yes, the dirt! We felt really guilty about that because after Grace & I dismissed the Sunday School class we cleaned up & when we got to the sanctuary, there he was. Poor little guy was sitting on a pew looking miserable & Rachel was saying, "What in the world possessed you to go play in the dirt in your church clothes!"

  3. He's so funny! I wish I could have thought of more of his hilarious stories! There are so many, but i drew a blank!
    Mary, I didn't realize he went out to play in the dirt afterwards! :D
    Jacinda, lol, probably they've told you all the good Andy stories! Glad you're reading!