Thursday, June 23, 2011

Give Away!

Welcome to my one week blogging party! I hope you brought your party hats & your balloons!
In this short time I've fallen in love with blogging! To celebrate I'm thinking of hosting a giveaway! I've got 13 followers on my blog, 22 fans on Facebook and 9 followers on Twitter. I'd like to increase my blogs visibility and I'm asking you to help me out! Recommend my blog, suggest my fan page, and RT this tweet "Have you checked out @diapersnprayer?" to be entered in the giveaway. Twitter will notify me if you tweet, but if you suggest my facebook page please write on my wall to let me know. Likewise if you recommend my blog to someone please leave a comment or contact me via my contact page to let me know. You may enter once daily in each of the three formats, meaning you may have your name entered up to three times daily. At the close of the giveaway a name will be selected at random from those who participated. This giveaway will end at midnight Monday, June 27 Eastern Time.
The Prize you say? a $20 gift card to either Olive Garden or Red Lobster.
Thanks for following and Good Luck


  1. I became a follower and suggested your page on my FB!

  2. Thanks Kim. Right now, you're the only one that has, so your chances are really good at winning at this point! You at least have a head start. :D

  3. I became a follower and suggested your page on my FB! :) I am having a hard time with the Twitter side though...

  4. Hey, Bekah, I shared on facebook! Thanks for the fun reads!
    Stephanie G

  5. Thanks guys! You've gotten entered. I should note that everyone who follows any of my many outlets will be entered automatically. If you follow all possible(as you have Katrina) then you'll get an entry for each one. Then, each day you can recommend and get the extra entries for that. I forgot in the post to mention networked blogs, as well.