Thursday, June 30, 2011


At my age, most women start to feel that the candles on their birthday cake are less exciting and a bit more ominous. I'm not old, by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm at that point where most start to dislike birthdays. Most, that is, but not me!
I may not like the age that the birthday signifies, but I will always like birthdays, and here's why: I believe birthdays to be the one day each year totally devoted to being mindful that God has given us a gift in the loved one that was born that day. I get really excited about my daughters' birthdays, even though I hate that they aren't my little newborns anymore, because I believe that I'm most thankful of anyone on the planet that they exist! (Also, it reminds me that I'm tough, but labor is a post for another day!) So, next time forget the fire hazard that your age is, and remember the gift of life God has given you. (Make others do it too!) My husband always tries to play down his birthday, and it drives me nuts. Especially, since my birthday is the month before and he always works so hard to make it a spectacular day, week really. But, I won't let him! I make him acknowledge it, because I'm so glad that God created him, my perfect mate! I hope you have a great birthday this year and enjoy the birthdays of those you love, being glad that you have them to celebrate!

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