Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Lord Liveth!

"And ye said, Behold, the Lord our God hath shewed us his glory and his greatness, and we have heard his voice out of the midst of the fire: we have seen this day that God doth talk with man, and he liveth." - Deuteronomy 5:24

I'm so sad that Christians of this day and age have to "prove" there is a God. How terrible that "atheism" has become so rampant. I suppose if you tell someone that there is no divine law, no standard that is necessary to live by that he will flock to that ideology.
It's discouraging that we live in such a rebellious culture that they revolt against the Living God and reject even His existence! This is especially sad because most of those that subscribe to this belief system should have had some exposure to the true glory of God. In fact, all have:
"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork." Psalm 19:1
Every Memorial Day we have a picnic at Turkey Run State Park. We love walking on the trails, especially trail three! Walking through it you can't help but be impressed by the beauty of Creation, what a wonderful God to create such a
Photo by Rachel Bobo-Jobe
beautiful world!
While this beauty of our planet is truly a proof that there is in fact a supreme being who created this world, I think that the Lord shows His glory even more effectively through hearts that are fully surrendered to Him.
When a lost soul sees the sinner changed wholly and completely, how can he help but take notice. How can he help but recognize that there is in fact a Heavenly Father or keep himself from desiring the joy and transformation that this person has received!
"Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." II Corinthians 5:17
While God may not present Himself as a pillar of fire in modern America. He presents Himself profoundly in the lives of His children. Therefore, let us shine His glory through our lives. That people might say "he liveth!"

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