Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The First of Many...

I'm starting this blog as a writing exercise.
You see, I've always wanted to write children's books, but I'm a little too reserved. I believe every writer must share a little insight into his/her soul on each page. I have trouble bearing my heart to my husband, let alone complete strangers. Yet, the desire to fill library shelves with my works of fiction still resides in my hear, and so, I'm blogging.

My outlook is this: If I can share my thoughts with cyberspace, then I can share them with children!
I hope I'm correct!
Please don't expect this blog to be about any particular topic each time you read, because, I assure you, it will not. I'm the mother of two small girls, a Christian, and an eccentric. If I were you, I'd expect to read a random thought each day, from my adventures in mommying to my thoughts on scripture. I'll also, try, I emphasize try because my girls have their own agenda for my day, to update multiple times a day. Maybe, just maybe, you'll find something that tickles your fancy! Or, maybe you'll read because you are a good friend and are taking pity on your little lost introverted writer in hiding!
All the same, thanks, at least, for reading this one post!

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