Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let's Pretend...

Growing up our favorite game always started, "Let's pretend that we're all brothers and sisters and our parents are dead..."
Later, we found out that this made our mother very upset! Of course, this wasn't our intention, but how could be running away from a horrid orphanage if we were happily settled in a nice home with loving parents?
In this game, as I said above, we were residents of an abusive orphanage with a director that put Carol Burnett to shame! Not only were we five siblings, but we had about 8 baby dolls that were our unfortunate younger brothers and sisters. I'm not exactly sure how this worked logistically, since our parents had been dead longer than I had been alive?!
We finally would be fed up with the injustices we had to endure, and would sneak by night away from the orphanage, jump into a carriage (a full size bed, no smaller or the baby dolls wouldn't fit) and ride away to freedom, all the while being chased by the tyrant who ran the orphanage!
After what seemed like an hour, of the five of us bouncing on the bed as if it were being pulled by horses, we would stop, because the game was finished and no longer fun.
But, then, later that day we'd play it again!
My siblings are the best! We had so much fun playing together as children and they're my best friends now. Not many people can say they have four people who will be loyal and dependable through thick and thin with as sure a belief I as I can!

"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you." - Philippians 1:3

My family,Christmas 2006
There have been 4 additions since!

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