Friday, June 17, 2011

Lovin' the Library!

In the age of the Nook and the Kindle you might begin to think that your local Library has become useless.
Playing before class
Who needs to go to the library when  you can buy an ebook for $0.99. Let me tell you, you are underestimating your library! (And I'm not just saying that because I worked at mine for almost 5 years.)

Libraries are so much more than just a place to pick up a book. Our library has loads to do: concerts, art shows, classes for all age groups in tons of different genres and so much more. But, the best by far is the Children's Dept. Again, I'm not saying this just because I worked with them for almost five years, but the people at my library are great! I had so much fun working with them, and now, my little girls love going to visit them!
This morning we went to a "Lapsit" program for my 10 mos old. It's so much fun to watch her be so engaged! We turned in our book reports, checked out a crate full of books, and each girl got to take home a book to keep as a Summer Reading prize. For a 10 mos old & a 2 yr old that is one exciting morning, and all of it was free!
If you haven't checked out the treasure trove that is your local library, I think you should!
Here are some links to libraries in Central IN:
Tippecanoe County Public Library
Kokomo/Howard County Public Library
Tipton County Public Library
Carmel Clay Public Library
Marion County Public Library


  1. Yay libraries! :) We're there 2-3 days a week in the summer with storytimes for both kiddos plus craft time too! Book reports, prizes, summer reading program!