Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is Every Life Valuable

It was late February 2008 and my husband and I were to be at church early to practice with an ensemble. When we arrived I needed to make a quick stop in the Ladies' room, and when I did I discovered that I was bleeding. I was 12 weeks pregnant. My heart began to race! I immediately found my husband and told him what was happening, choking back tears all the while. We went into a Sunday School room and called my doctor. He told me I needed bed rest for the rest of the day and that tomorrow morning I would go in for an ultrasound. He informed me that if I were miscarrying nothing would prevent it and that all I could do was to rest.
My husband took me home and I stayed in bed until it was time to go to the doctor's office the next morning. It was the longest day of my entire life. It was so difficult to give my little one's life over to the Lord. I was so uneasy that my mother even agreed to go to the doctor with me the next day.
Finally, after all my waiting I was in the ultrasound room and being examined. The screen lit up and suddenly before my eyes there was my little child, small, vulnerable, and energetic. I could hardly distinguish her arms and legs because she was such a wiggler! At that moment, I relaxed, there could be nothing wrong with this baby! Both the doctor and the ultrasound technician confirmed that she was, in fact, healthy, and that nothing was apparently wrong. This happened again in my pregnancy, but on September 10, 2008 my daughter was born.

When I remember this time, when I was so frightened for the life of my unborn child I marvel that anyone could choose to extinguish such a life! I can't imagine how someone could endure this type of loss, and devastated that any mother could willingly destroy the precious gift that God had given her.
Abortion is a disgusting, disturbing, and despicable method of murder. I will not highlight it on this post and catch my readers off guard with the gruesome details. But, if you wish to fully acquaint yourself with why this is such an atrocity please check this site.
Our eldest with the doctor that delivered her
I'm sorry that this is a bit political in nature, but I don't consider abortion to be a political issue, rather a moral one!


  1. Praise God for the blessing of the safety of your little girl. I experienced this same scare at 12 weeks several years ago, although I did lose that pregnancy. It was a horrific experience and one that was repeated a couple years ago in my life. That was a very dark time in my relationship with God and through it I learned a new level of trust and peace in Him. I can now praise God for that trial and have been able to relate and counsel other women who have/are enduring a miscarriage.
    I wholeheartedly agree - each life is an amazing gift and regardless of timing and circumstances, it is the Lord who gives and takes away - a right no sinful human has the ability to hold.

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing! I can't begin to imagine what you have felt. Praise the Lord that He has been glorified through your life even in sadness! Thanks for being a blessing :D

  3. I was there in the bathroom that day and I remember you asking me to pray. God is amazing!! I love your girls to pieces!