Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happiness is a "Gushy" Chihuahua

Oh Charlie Brown, you were so close, but not quite on the mark!
As I was growing up we had almost every type of pet children can own! We had gerbils, hamsters, birds, both doves & parakeets, guinea pigs, bunnies, fish of all sorts, dogs, cats, etc. The only animals we didn't have were the lizards, tarantulas & snakes that I begged my parents to get me, and shockingly, never received! We called ourselves the "Bobo Zoo." As if the name Bobo wasn't weird enough!
When I was 12, however, my mom was done with the animals. We got rid of all of them! It was horrible! She said that she didn't want any more pets, except for, maybe, a chihuahua.
A chihuahua are you kidding me, Mom? That is not even a dog!
We tried parading cuddly kittens before her, and pointing out our friends German Shepherds and the like, but she was unmovable. She wanted a chihuahua if she ever got another dog.
When I was in High School, she found her perfect pet. A black and white chihuahua puppy. A dog so small that she needed help to jump up onto the couch! I had to spend a day and a half teaching her how to use the stairs! But, despite these flaws it took my brother and sister and I about ten minutes to fall head over heels for that dog!
I can remember lying on the floor beside the couch while she sat on it, and using my hand as a puppet to entertain her! It was truly one of my most pathetic, but one of my most fun, moments in life.
We learned soon after taking home Pixie (Yes, a chihuahua named Pixie, can she get more cutesy?) that chihuahuas are burrowers. If you leave out a hoodie or blanket or even a winter coat, she'll bury herself in it and take a nap. She gets all warm in her little cocoon. My sister and I loved to cuddle her after she'd gotten all warm and sleepy. We call her gushy, because she just seems to become... gushy!

Pixie is fourteen years old, now. She's not as quick as she once was and she's got arthritis. But,she still is just as cuddly and can get as gushy as ever!

Honestly, I have to tell you, you've not lived until you've cuddled a warm, floppy, sleepy...gushy chihuahua!

Sorry, Charlie Brown


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  2. I hate to tell you this but Chihuahua's aren't dogs. They are actually members of the rodent family that have the ability to bark. And can they bark! My neighbor has a Chihuahua that barks almost nonstop when it's outside. Grr.

    My mother informed me that her dog is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachsund, called a "Chiweenie." I told her that rats can't breed with dogs, but she didn't listen. We got to meet "Molly" as we spent a large part of the past week at my mom's house. Molly evidently did not inherit the barking part of the Chihuahua genome, since she is almost always quiet. A nice dog. But I will never own a Chihuahua.

  3. I used to feel the same way, but she won my heart! Pixie does not bark a lot. Only when she feels threatened or someone is at the door...that kind of stuff.