Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Friend

I walked along a rocky path toward a mountain top and as I traveled I heard footsteps behind me. I turned to see my companion, but in the midst and darkness of the night the path behind was difficult to see.
I continued on my way and came to a babbling brook, while it was shallow and pleasant I could see that the current was strong. I had to ford the stream to keep on course. I entered the creek, but when I was midpoint I lost my footing and began to fall. I felt the hand of my ally reach forward to support me o'er the brook.
Once on the other side, I began to climb the mountain. The way was light to start, but as I traversed it grew steep and rugged. It was difficult to persist. I lost my desire to reach the mountain's peak. I began to slip, but as I did arms caught me and braced me up the steep path.
The night was cool and the breeze was light, but suddenly the breeze became a gale. The sky grew crowded with dark clouds and the rain began to fall. Hail pelted my person as I walked along the path. I thought of turning back, I thought the journey too difficult. But, then, along came my friend again and sheltered me with his arms. The wind persisted and grew too strong that I could no longer stand. The stranger held me in his arms and carried me along the path in the midst of the raging torrent!
Then, the winds died, the skies cleared, and the sun had risen. I could now see clearly, I was at the mountain's peak, my journey through. I was incapable of traveling this road alone, I had needed the strength of someone stronger than myself, someone who had hands capable of carrying me. Now the storm subsided I could see the hands that guided, supported, and bore me, they were nail-pierced.

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