Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Road

I began a journey long
With my father close at hand.
I was small and weak and young
Much I didn't understand.
But, I trusted my dear father
Who would lead me in the way.
I know he'd never leave me,
he'd be close to me each day.

However, as we traveled,
I saw some peers of mine.
I paused for just a moment
to play with my own kind.
We had such a great adventure
And enjoyed our time of games,
but when I looked for Father,
I felt anger and shame.

I began to search for him,
and he quickly then appeared.
Father, how could you leave me,
Your only child dear.
My father held my hand
To direct me to the path.
As we left my place of pleasure,
I would not turn to look back.
Soon we met a princess
More beautiful than Spring.
When I looked upon her beauty
I loved her more than anything.
I desired nothing more
Than her lovely hand.
But when I asked my father,
he was no where in this land.

I cried out for him
to return to me again.
As quickly as I said the words
He reached out and took my hand.
Again he returned me
to the desired road,
and helped me as we journeyed
to our distant home.

Finally, along the avenue
a glittering I did behold.
I saw rubies, diamonds,
and the purest gold.
How could I pass these riches
And leave them in the way
For all my hearts desires
These would surely pay.
But at that moment I viewed that no one near me was. Though my father's promises He'd left without a cause. But then I heard his voice Speaking Oh so near. Which brought not only joy, but agony and tears. He showed me where his foot fell and there I saw the print. That he'd stayed steady, but I from his side went. So, when he'd felt so far, It had never been the case. For it was I that from his presence raced. I see now when's he's distant, My father's always near, For I'm the one who wanders, From his presence dear. And each time I cry to him, My voice he quickly heeds. He draws me to his presence And fulfills my needs. No greater love hath any, Than that he has for me. Though many should distract He's all that I should see. I shall walk in his presence Till my journey be complete, and there at my destination I shall sit at his feet.

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