Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back from Vacation!

Hello Blog world!
I've been fairly silent over the past two weeks. I've spent them traveling with my lovely family!
We started out on Tues., Aug. 9th. That evening we went to Ohio to stay with my awesome Grandma for a couple of days. We got to enjoy her fabulous cooking. (MMMMM Roast Beef & Homemade biscuits!) On that Thurs., the 11th, we left for Pennsylvania (near Reading) where we stayed two nights at my big brother's house & then, we were off that Saturday to Ocean City Maryland!
My girls and I had never seen the ocean. (My hubby's an army brat so he's seen everything.) *I've got to tell you the truth, I fell completely in love with the ocean. So beautiful & loud & fun!! I'm now a champion boogie boarder! Well, at least, that's how I see it!
We had such a fun week with my brother, his family & his sister-in-law & her children. We went to the ocean, ate sea food, relaxed in the evening while looking out over the bay from our deck. What a great vacation. (My brother made it all possible, we couldn't have afforded it otherwise!)
We returned to PA on Sat., Aug. 20th. We left my brother's on Mon. (Spending Sunday visiting his church & eating at an awesome brunch buffet!) Spending one more night with my grandma, a quick biscuit stop. You'd understand if you've tasted one!
We finally made it home to the great state of Indiana yesterday, Aug. 24th! I'm not used to leaving home, so two weeks felt like an eternity! But, it was such a great two weeks.

I've already felt the sting of reality as our older daughter has been sick with a tummy bug all day & I've been cleaning, sorting, unpacking, laundering & catching up on all my normal projects for church & etc. Whew! What a lot of work, but SO happy to be doing it again.
Ocean City, MD 2011

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