Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Netflix on My WIi

I love Netflix! (Although, I'm not crazy about the rate increase!) What I love the most is being able to instantly stream video on my Wii. The only problem with this is...Wii Remotes!
I can never watch a show without accidentally turning off the show!
Why are those "b" buttons so sensitive?
To prevent this, I try placing the remotes farther away from me, but this doesn't work. We have four remotes and after a few minutes they go dormant. At that point if you press the button on another remote, that one becomes the remote that will control the Wii. Unfortunately, if I let one remote go to "sleep" I inevitably will hit another button and there we go again!
Honestly, this isn't too much of a problem on a quiet Thursday evening when I'm enjoying my weekly Murder She Wrote, and no one else has to deal with my ineptness. However, when I'm watching with others, it's quite annoying for them, and a little bit embarrassing for me!

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