Monday, August 15, 2011

30 Days of Esther: Day 30

We've come to my last post on the book of Esther. I'm sure you're all relieved!
I love the book of Esther because I think it displays many different personality types, and it illustrates what the results are of loving the Lord and rejecting Him.
We first meet Ahasuerus and Vashti. They are picture of what pride can do to marriage. If we're only after our own self interest in a relationship than it will crash and burn. Marriages are destroyed when we seek our desires and disregard the feelings of others. We often end up with broken hearts and regrets.
Next we meet Mordecai and Esther. Here's a picture of humility and right familial relationship. Esther loved and respected her caregiver, who loved and prayed for her. He taught her about the Lord and taught her a humble spirit.
Finally we meet Haman. He is the picture of pride and anger. Pride is often the beginning of all the sin. When we seek to satisfy our own desires we can't seek after the things of the Lord. We then reject the Lord and can not receive his blessing.
Haman and Vashti, as a result of their pride, faced ruin. Mordecai and Esther, as a result of their devotion to the Lord, were blessed. Ahasuerus, as a result of the witness of Mordecai and Esther changed. He softened and became usable by the Lord.

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