Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Going to the Zoo

Each year I receive a family membership to the Indianapolis Zoo for my birthday from my husband. Now, you may think this unfair, because I receive a gift that's really intended for the girls. You couldn't be farther from correct! I love going to zoos, and I almost never do go, so a membership is an awesome gift for me! We bought our first one in 2009 and we've definitely used it. I never get tired of watching the same animals because they're always doing something different while I'm there.
I'll be honest, I don't know how the Indy Zoo ranks among its peers, but I enjoy it immensely. The staff is always courteous, kind and helpful, and you can tell the animals are cared for and healthy! Isn't that a mark of a good zoo?
I love taking my little ones to places like this and watching them learn about the world that God created! It's so much fun to watch my baby realize that the giraffe is just a few yards in front of her, and to see her stare in awe.

I suppose one of the best aspects of mommying is that you get to experience the world anew again! Honestly, seeing a lion has become a bit mundane to a woman my age, but watching my daughter stare at him, captivated by his every move, and excited when he begins to "talk" calls to remembrance those feelings in myself.
Playing at the Zoo's Splash Park
I'll tell the honest truth! I want to be "the fun mom." I want my girls to remember doing things with me, learning and exploring with me. This is part of my motivation for the zoo trips, but I think that this is okay motivation! I'll probably keep doing what I'm doing, and when they're older taking them to even more exciting places!

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