Friday, August 26, 2011

The Queen of Baby Gadgets takes a Trip

I like to post about the many gadgets I accumulate, and to let you know which ones are worth their salt. Here's a great one. I don't use it terribly often, but when I do, I truly appreciate having it handy and think it was well worth the cost.
When you open my van doors you may see clutter, what I see is a treasure trove of on the go necessities:
There's a travel diaper bag that hangs on the back of the passenger seat. Great for storing extras. (It needs restocked.)
There's a shopping cart cover. Have you ever seen the studies about what kinds of microorganisms are found on a shopping cart? That knowledge makes it a must! (I will be blogging about it at some point.)
There's a box containing an Ergo Baby Carrier! (I will MOST definitely be blogging about this one, but I won't give any of that away, it's too awesome for sneak peeks!)
There's a sit & stand stroller.
A tray made to affix to a car seat.
And a host of toys.
But, there's also one little item that sometimes gets forgotten, it gets stuffed behind seats, it gets tossed out of the way, it gets man-handled beyond compare, but I'm ecstatic that we made this purchase.
It's my travel booster seat.
I can't really post a pic of it right now, but I'll encourage you to check out the link.
I love this thing! It folds super compact and is super light. You don't even notice it when you're carrying it.
The best part is, when you're away for a while like we recently were, you can use it as a highchair away from home.
When our older daughter was 10 mos. old we chaperoned our youth group at church camp and found this seat to be indispensable! These past two weeks as we shuttled our children to OH, PA, & MD. AND, then back again, I used this seat so often.
I'll tell the truth, I don't use it when we go out to eat because I use the restaurant's high chair. However, in these situations, when you're miles from that good ole staple high chair that sits splattered with peas in your marker stained dining room, this chair is a must. It's not too expensive and as I noted above, it just happily sleeps in my van being tossed about until it's necessary. But, when it's necessary, it's really necessary!!!
Again, here's a link to the item on One Step Ahead (One of my favorite sites ever!
Travel Booster

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