Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Letter

He'd been gone from her for days now, and she missed him so. She paced as the anxiousness the lack of communication had created. Only he could calm her now, only he could give her the words of truth and love that could restore her peace. The longer it had been since she was exposed to his love the more she began to doubt it. She started to feel that he never did love her. That perhaps her he never did have her best intentions at his heart.
If only she could know what he was thinking, what was in his heart. Was she really his beloved? Was she really precious to him? Perhaps if she could read his words she would feel the peace she needed?
She could no longer stay where she was, she must leave! As she walked from the room she passed the table that contained a letter addressed to her from him.

So often we long for the peace and love of our Lord, yet, day after day we reject His words of love and peace by refusing to read His Word? It sits dormant on a shelf while we spiral into a world of unrest that is created through a lack of relationship with the Lord.
Who doesn't enjoy receiving a love letter from that one special person? When it arrives, we tear into it and devour each word. Why then, do we not do so with our Bibles?

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