Sunday, January 15, 2012

To Every Action…

…there is an equal and opposite reaction.
We’ve heard it many times haven’t we? We had to learn it in school. We know it to be true. We see it in nature and the world in general.
So, the question I’m asking you what is your reaction to the grace of God?
We’ve all been the recipients of unspeakable and unimaginable grace, and yet, we do not all have an equal reaction to it. Some “accept” this gift of grace, but take it for granted, they live their life as if they’d never been given something so wonderful and precious. They live how they want to live. They claim the name of Christ, but lack sincerity.
There are those that openly reject this gift. They don’t see it’s worth and deny that could have any. They are angry toward the gift & the giver for the presumption that He would deem them in need of such grace.
There are few that realize the precious gem that the grace truly is. They react with an equal reaction: Complete surrender!
The only equal reaction to God’s love and the sacrifice of His Son is to give your life completely to Him. To lay aside YOUR plan for your life and to gladly accept HIS leadership of it!

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