Friday, January 20, 2012

Superior Customer Service!

Me sporting the carrier and
backpack at the Pumpkin Patch! 
I've been intending to blog about my ErgoBaby Carrier as it is the best of my baby gadgets! (I was actually saving it for later because I wanted to build up to it!) I'll save the details for that post, but, as I've already stated, out of my many baby gadgets the Ergo tops them all. It is my absolute favorite gadget! It's convenient, comfortable, and at least I think, it's much prettier than other baby carriers!
I've bought a few accessories for my baby carrier the backpack and the front pouch. I've loved both of these products at a level equivalent to the carrier itself (and yes, I know, when I love something I really love it!)
Anyway, to the purpose of this post:
Today at around 1 pm the shoulder strap to my front pouch was involved in a tragic accident and was broken! This of course was a great tragedy!
Big Girl on Daddy's Back at
Turkey Run State Park
I went on to the ErgoBaby site hoping it would be listed as an item available for purchase, but alas it was not. So I emailed the company at around 2:30 or 3pm. At around 5:15 I received an email from their customer service asking for my address, and before 6:30 I received an email letting me know my package had been shipped! Isn't that great customer service? You don't see that very often in this age of online shopping and mega chains.

Updated 1/26/12:
I should note that this post was written on a Friday and I received my replacement strap in the mail on Monday. Not only that from the shipment tracking information it seemed that the package came from Hawaii!!! How awesome is that?!

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