Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Letter to Mr. Irsay

"I think the situation is if he's back and he's healthy, I see him coming back and playing here," Irsay said just before the start of Thursday night's game. "I think the hope is that his health is in the position where he could return again. That remains uncertain and that's something that's first and foremost on my mind."
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Dear Mr. Irsay,
I can respect the position in which you currently find yourself. But, I feel the need to tell you the position of Central Indiana. Perhaps, I should begin by acquainting you with your fan base. (Though I'm surprised you haven't realized this since your move here in the 80's.) \
Indiana fans are fiercely loyal. How else can you explain the love affair this state has had with Bobby Knight? You see, he was their coach, and they love him still today.
We're not big fans of change, this is why we had to be dragged into Daylight Savings Time, and some of us, myself included, are still kicking and screaming about it. We as a people tend to believe the old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" I'm not implying that a 2-14 record isn't in need of fixing, just that some aspects your team, "ain't broke." To name a few: Reggie Wayne, Jeff Saturday, Pat McAfee, Dallas Clark, and Peyton Manning.

Now it's time for me to be completely truthful with you, Mr. Irsay. I did "watch" some games in the 90's after I moved to Indiana. I remember some of the great plays made by Jim Harbaugh (I thought you should have hired him when Dungy left, by the way, and look at how right I was!) And, the great Marshall Faulk era in Indy. But, the truth is that I didn't even like football until the 2005 season when my husband took the time to actually explain the game to me. Wow! Then I became the most loyal Colts fan I knew how to be! As testified by the room in my home completely decorated in Colts! In the past six season I've developed a sincere love affair with your team, and though I know you're the one who legally owns the team, I, like most of Central Indiana, feel that they are my Colts! I also realize that being a woman, I may be a little more sentimental when it comes to my loyalties and sports than most of your fan base, but I also feel that most of Indiana is as loyal to Peyton Manning as they've ever been. And, a lot of us have respected your loyalty through this rough season.
So, in closing, please respect our loyalty, and don't take away our quarterback, forcing us to watch us play in some other jersey which would just be wrong!

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