Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where's my Sweet Girl? And WHO is This?

 Amongst the multiple birthday parties, which inevitably are accompanied by gallons of ice cream and piles of cake, and the vacation to the beach with an uncle who brings a whole new definition to the word spoiling, I've somehow lost my sweet little 3 year old princess. I'm not sure where she is, maybe she's still in July? In her place is something that looks like her and ninety-nine percent of the time acts like her, but that one percent, boy oh boy, that one percent. Usually that one percent comes at bedtime. As soon as she's to be put to bed she begins to scream and holler more than a football fan at the Superbowl!
So what is happening right now is, Fit Extermination Bootcamp. My girl is having a little bit of a shock, but it seems to be improving. The joys of parenting...

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