Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Saw Jesus in...

I  Saw Jesus in You by Ron Hamilton

When I enter Heaven's glory,
and I see my Savior's face,
I will offer Him 10,000 years of praise.
Then, I'll find that special one,
In whose life I saw God's Son.
And through tears of joy,
with trembling lips,
These words I'll say.
I saw Jesus in you.
I saw Jesus in you.
I could hear His voice in the words you said,
I saw Jesus in you.
In your eyes I saw His care,
I could see His love was there,
You were faithful,
and I saw Jesus in you.

Everyone I know that hears this song can think of one specific person that this song describes to them. I think of my Grandpa E.
If you knew my Grandfather you undoubtedly just nodded your head in agreement.
He was quite possibly one of the kindest souls I've ever encountered. My grandpa had a gift for loving others. Or perhaps he loved his Savior so much that he could not help but reflect that love to others. Every person that he met was of value to him, and he never forgot their name. I can remember eating at fast food restaurants in different towns and the cashiers stopping to hug him before they took his order. He asked them details about their lives. I was always puzzled at how he remembered so many details about so many people. Everyone who met him felt they were special to him. They felt that way, because they were.
You see, he was able to remember those details because after he met them, he prayed for them. He prayed for them faithfully.
I saw the love of Jesus so clearly in my grandfather. He reflected it to others more than anyone I'd ever met and, I can only imagine, than I ever will meet. This is one of the reasons that I think of him when I hear this song.
I am excited to be reunited with my grandfather, to joyously say to him, "I saw Jesus in you."
And, my hope and prayer is I may emulate my grandfather in more than just looks, but in his heart for the Lord.

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