Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years

I normally don't blog on Sundays for a few reasons, but today, I've made an exception. This is because, today, is no ordinary day. If you are an American then you've undoubtedly been spending today, this most stoic anniversary, remembering those feelings you felt ten years ago. I can remember waking up a little late, because I had the day off of work, and coming down stairs to turn on my television. Literally moments after I did so, the first plane struck the world trade center. My mom was about to leave for work & a friend of the family was coming to give her a ride. I was glued to the tv as my mom tried to walk out the door, but just as she was about to cross the threshold the second plane struck. I experienced the most horrible sinking feeling in my stomach, the strongest since of dread I've ever experienced, I began to cry, "It wasn't an accident!" My mom and the friend paused to watch the coverage, but even at that moment, no one knew what a pivotal time in history those seconds were. I spent the remainder of that day on my couch watching the coverage alone in my pajamas. The first time I moved was after 11 AM to go to the restroom.

I realized that one day, just as I asked my mother what she was doing when President Kennedy was assasinated, I would be asked by my children (who were miles away in my mind) what I was doing, where I was on the day that the U.S. stood still. The day we were all united as we'd never been since December 7, 1941. United in fear, in dread, in patriotism and love for our fellow citizen.

9/11 had many effects on the people of this great nation that I love. It frightened us. Businesses closed, and the city that never sleeps became comatose. But the desired effect was not achieved. We were not destroyed, we were united. Our way of life had been attacked. A way of life that defends the weak, loves liberty, and protects freedom! But it was not demolished, instead we adopted a mentality that was more right than it had ever been in my lifetime. People were suddenly willing to give their lives for the freedom of others again. The people of our country began to call upon the Lord again. They asked Him for His healing and praised Him for His protection.

What has happened to our nation since? We are divided more than ever. We've allowed our political differences to tear our unity to shreds.Though I still hold the political and religious beliefs that I did ten years ago, those differences seem to separate me more from my fellow citizens than it did in 2001.

Tomorrow will be the ten year anniversary of the first tomorrow. The first tomorrow after tragedy. The tomorrow we recognized that we are one people, one nation. Let us recover that love, patriotism and unity. Let us remember, let us never forget!

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