Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Hardest Job

I've worked in a few different fields professionally. I once worked for a small business owner who had quite a few different irons in the fire. I was called upon to be quite the renaissance man, I should say, woman! During that time. I helped do minor repairs, I did the cleaning in the office, I did the office management/secretarial work, I mowed lots, I helped with heating & cooling work, I helped to set-up mobile homes, and even helped him build a garage that was bigger than the house we attached it to! I was up on ladders siding the monster garage, I climbed on the roof and lugged the shingles around while I helped to roof!
I've worked some long days in the past, 12 even 13 hours, I was from home. However, I've never worked a longer hours or physically harder than at my current place of employ.
Being a mom is an exhausting occupation! I feel as if I'm always behind and that I'm never going to catch up! I know that these days are short in number and someday all too soon I'll be comforting my exhausted daughters when they are raising tiny ones as well! I don't think I mind that so much...grandma sounds like a fun job!

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