Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The flames lapped fierce upon me,
the air was weak and thin.
I screamed in my agony,
Searching though my eyes be dim.
I could not find a help
to pull me from despair.
Until a hand reached down,
and tried to pull me near.

I fought against the hand,
with the nail pierced wound.
Though tortured as I was,
and death around me loomed.
I would not surrender
Tho' the flames did me surround.
I would die in my beliefs,
And firmly hold my ground.

However, we deny it,
Hell and Christ are real and true.
And someday we will face,
The Eternity that we choose.
I have chosen one way,
I hope with me you'll come.
Turn from your selfish desires,
and surrender to the Son.

For when my future here is over,
And past is all that's left.
This life I gladly resign,
For the glory in the next.
Peace incomprehensible,
and joy beyond compare,
Shall greet me on that shore
When my Savior holds me near.
I'll sit at His feet,
and sing His praise e'er more.
Happiness forever mine,
In the presence of my Lord.

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